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About me

My name is Kevin Ferreira, I am a certified trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medecine (NASM) and a FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist. However, I like to call myself a movement enthusiast thanks to my experiences in different fields. I have practiced sports my whole life, competing in different disciplines such as swimming, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Mix Martial Arts, Crossfit and many more. Throughout the years I have developed a passion for helping others live a better and healthier life.

“MOVEMENT is the big picture.”

The sedentary society we’re living in has tremendously diminished our quality of life. As a result, we’re not able to do certain things we were once able to do; such as, sitting into squat, touching our toes, picking things up from the floor. We suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder impingement, just to mention the most common ones. My goal as a mobility specialist is to help people regain their ability to move better, feel better and live without pain.

Don’t condemn yourself, it’s all about relearning how to move. It’s easier than you think!

Trust the process, enjoy the outcome!

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